Wyn Firth

I’ve recently joined the lab to complete an MbyRes, where I will investigate the therapeutic potential of mitochondrial translocator protein in modulating astrocyte metabolism and the potential effects of this on neuroinflammatory diseases.

Before joining the lab I completed a BSc Medical Sciences degree at the University of Exeter, where I specialised in Neuroscience; as part of my final year research project (under the supervision of Dr Shivali Kohli and Dr Michael Craig) I investigated the impact of the 22q11 microdeletion on tyrosine hydroxylase and c-Fos expression in Df16A mice as a model of 22q11 deletion syndrome and negative-symptom dominant schizophrenia. This is what helped me discover my passion for all things neuroscience, neuroanatomy, and neuropharmacology – currently my interests are very diverse!

Hobbies: Outside of the lab, I enjoy an eclectic mix of physical activities: walks on Dartmoor, heavy weightlifting sessions, and the odd 5k. As well as this, I’m a passionate archer; I have represented Exeter in local and regional competitions. I’m also partial to a good video game, as well as a good book.

Twitter: @FirthWyn

Contact Details

Email: wf243@exeter.ac.uk