Ana Cruz with poster at Diabetes UK conference 2019, Liverpool
American Diabetes Association (ADA) 2019 conference, San Francisco
Ana Cruz presenting at ADA 2019
ADA 5K 2019
American Diabetes Association (ADA) conference 2019
Neuroscience of Energy Balance symposium 2019
Paul Weightman Potter with poster at ADA 2019

The Vandy guys @ADA2019 San Francisco

Alastair MacDonald presenting at SSIB Utrecht 2019
Alastair MacDonald with poster, Exeter Medical School Annual Research Event (ARE) 2018
Josie Robb and Nicole Morrissey with posters, Exeter Medical School ARE 2018
Alastair MacDonald at Soapbox Science 2017
Alastair MacDonald and Nicole Morrissey at Soapbox Science 2017
ECND 2017
Ana Cruz presenting at Pint of Science Exeter, 2017
Josie Robb with poster at Neurology of Obesity Symposium 2017
Neurology of Obesity Symposium 2017
Neurology of Obesity Symposium 2017
Tough Mudder 2019 for Diabetes UK
Tough Mudder 2019 for Diabetes UK
Beallacott Burns 2021, where some of us were stuck with a power outage!

Theses and Viva celebrations

Dr Ana Cruz, 2020!
Dr Paul Weightman Potter, 2019!

Around the Lab

PPE modelling!

Beallacott Christmas Quiz 2019

Saying farewell to Alastair on his last day in the lab
Dr Potter's impressive collection of snack bars
Katie picking out some pancreatic islets - only the best will do

Beallacotts in the Wild

Golden Gate Bridge selfie @ADA2019 San Francisco

Wednesday night circuits

Welcoming 4 new PhD students in October 2019

Beallacott retreat 2020 - Broadclyst Mill

Beallacott BBQ August 2018

Beallacott BBQ August 2018

Socially distanced barbeque!